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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Helmet Art - Material and Equipment

Helmets are not hard to come by; you can use the helmet you are currently using, you may have an old one laying around somewhere, you can find them at a yard sale, or maybe a relative or friend is so kind to provide you with one.

Most projects would require spray paint in which case an air brush might come in handy. Some other brushes for pin striping are another recommendation, along with tape in varies widths.

In case you like to create something else like animals or other projects, you will need some strong glue and/or soldering equipment.

Covering the helmet with other materials is another option, but should you decide on something like in the photo, anticipate to be pulled over.

Should this type of art not appeal to you, but you still would like to alter the look of your helmet then there is always the option of helmet stickers. Those are readily available online and probably also in the store where you bought your protective headgear.

I sure hope this kind of creativity put some good ideas into your head!

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