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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cheap Holiday Eyeglass Art

Santa Claus still has to come to town, but he has already been by ZenniOptical and dropped off some really arty, Holiday frames.

While I was checking out their enormous selection of eyeglasses, I came across this holiday-themed pair of cheap eyeglasses and I can just imagine how a frame like this ads even more cheer to Christmas; I know it got me in a jolly Christmas mood, the moment it caught my eye.

It is beyond me how they come up with all those unique and artistic frames and seeing the enormous choice, it made me wonder which frame appeals to you and why. I sure would love to hear which ones you like and I would be grateful if you left a comment on this post, sharing your favorite frames.

Here is another one that piqued my interest. Even though it is not as elaborate as the previous one, it sure goes with the season and would make a nice topic of conversation.

We really don't have to spend much on prescription eyeglasses and with all those quality, fashionable eyeglasses available at Zenni, we don't have to. Their own manufactured brand cuts out the middlemen and with hardly any costs spent on advertisement, that saves us a bunch of money.

I think I would use those savings on some art supplies for the children and grandchildren and get their creative juices flowing!

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