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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Leroy Neiman's Work Part 2

The 1980s render a lot of work for Leroy Neiman, due to the fact that he is being appointed the official artist of several Olympic Games, the Democratic National Convention and is commissioned to paint murals, sketch and paint celebrities, other social and entertainment events and make billboards, television commercials, programs and video documentaries.

This type of artwork continued throughout the 90s, but his repertoire was broadened by the creation of postage stamps for the Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996, the LeRoy Neiman Selection Cigar introduced in '97 which was accompanied by a film documentary, art for Givenchy perfumes and label art for Duval-LeRoy Champagne of Rheims.

Leroy also receives the Honorary Doctorate from the Art Institute of Chicago in 2006 and is featured in TOOTS, a documentary film about the rise and fall of the world's greatest saloonkeeper Toots Shor.

He publishes his first book in 2007 in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of his character 'Femlin', drawn for Playboy and is honored in 2008 with the Town and Gown Lifetime Achievement Award. He receives the Order of Lincoln in 2009 and is given the first Honorary Professor of the Arts from Columbia University School of the Arts.

The creative labor of his hands is enormous and can be admired in the nine books he published during his life.

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