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Arts and Crafts

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

An Artistic Fashion Statement

It recently came to my attention that every second Friday of the month, with the exception of April and October, an art walk is being held in our city. Even though the summer months may be a little too hot to attend, that certainly isn't the case during the winter months and with warm, Miz Mooz October boots, the cold shouldn't present any problems.

Being aware now that we can admire the works of local artists, musicians, and dancers at our downtown galleries and shops almost throughout the entire year, we may set aside one of the upcoming Art Walk Fridays and enjoy all the creative talents in our neighborhood.

It does involve a lot of walking, but knowing that beforehand, we can prepare ourselves for that by ensuring to wear well-fitting, comfortable footwear. Comfort and style didn't usually go hand in hand, but that has changed substantially over the years and nowadays you can make a fashion statement while going as many miles as you want.

With so much choice, you can wear a pair of trendy shoes and boots that is as artistic and creative as the works of arts performed by the artists and exhibited in the participating shops and art galleries!

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