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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Piggy Bank Tutorial

I recommend using empty coffee or creamer jars. They have the perfect shape and size for turning them into figurines.

Once the bottom is a good fit, there are two ways to crochet the basic layout; you can either crochet your way up around the jar or you can just crochet away without it and fit your handiwork regularly to add or decrease stitches.

There are benefits to both ways; the first method ensures you know immediately when to add or diminish stitches, while the latter is a bit easier and goes faster. No matter which way you prefer, make sure it is a tight fit.

Once you have the basics and plan on creating a female doll, choose the place where you want the bottom of the dress to start and crochet around and down from there.

Start the first row out with one stitch for each stitch on the base. This ensures for a seamless and natural transition.

Add stitches to each of the next rows. The more stitches you add, the wider the bottom of the dress (or skirt) will flare out.

Arms and legs are easily made; choose the diameter, crochet them, sew them together and stuff them. After having done that you simple sew them into place.

Accentuate the hands by looping a thread through the middle and pulling it together. You can of course also crochet each arm separately. Sew them on and keep them in any position you like by using needle and thread.

The hair is made by using the 'latch hook' method. Cut yarn into the desired length and knot it through every stitch on the top to create a full head of hair.

You can buy eyes and glue them onto your project or simply use buttons. The mouth is embroidered and the nose is crocheted and sewn on.

Embellish your project any way you like. The possibilities are endless!

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