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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Thrown For An Arty Loop

I can't help it but I am a nit-picker when it comes to details. I like the projects I create to resemble the original or come as close to it as possible. After having finished the Snoopy bank, I started on a Shih Tzu.

According to our daughter, another one of her friends has one and it was supposed to be entirely black. She even sent me this picture of what it was supposed to look like and enthusiastically I went to work.

The body and the face were crocheted quickly. I used buttons for the nose and eyes and gave him the small ears portrayed in the picture. It took me the longest time to get his face covered with hair, but once it was done it sure resembled this little dog.

I was going to cover the rest of the body after the paws and the tail had been attached, but for some reason my enthusiasm had faded a little and I postponed finishing it.

I am glad I did, because now I know why. This morning I found a picture in my mailbox of what her friend's doggy really looks like and it is nothing like the photo she sent me before.

The ears are much longer, there is some white and grey in its face and it has a white belly and some white on the ends of it paws.

I can easily incorporate the white hair of paws and tummy, since I hadn't covered those with hair of yarn yet. I don't know what I am going to do about the ears and face though. I am thrown for a loop.

I guess that is where creativity and imagination come in!

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