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Thursday, July 18, 2013

An Arty Parking Spot

This post brought to you by The Parking Spot. All opinions are 100% mine.

One of your favorite art festivals is coming up and although it is held in another State you have decided to go. Reserving your flight ticket is no big deal, but you are more concerned about parking at the airport.

The limited-time "Spot Easy Savings" promotion grabs your attention. 15% OFF PARKING at The Parking Spot nationwide, from now through Labor Day, sounds great. Since your Airport is one of the 22 select locations on the Parking Spot's list, you grab this 15% off daily parking deal with both hands.

Upon arrival, you expect to get just cheap parking. What you don't expect is covered, open-air and valet parking available at select locations and that this cheap parking includes a fast and easy check-in and check-out and comes with a spacious, well lit, fully-fenced parking lot which is always open.

You will be completely blown away when finding out about the friendly shuttles every 5-7 minutes, available luggage assistance, and that a complimentary newspaper on Mondays through Fridays until 9am, along with a chilled bottle of refreshing water are included.

Just when you think you have seen it all you stand corrected. Besides the availability of Airport parking reservations, you discover there are also car care services, including car washes and oil changes among the options in some markets. The best part of the deal is yet to come; you can even earn free parking with The Spot Club.

You are glad you took advantage of this promotion and the knowledge that Airport parking is something to look forward to lifts a huge weight of your shoulders. Upon asking me what I love about the Parking Spot, I would have to ask this question in return: what is there NOT to love about the Parking Spot?!

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