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Arts and Crafts

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Frequently Asked Questions

Why me? What is the reason? What is the purpose? What do I do now?
I think at one point in our lives we have all asked ourselves at least one of these questions. I asked them all haha. Did I get answers? Yep, I did. Not always right away. Some were answered in time. Some I still struggle with. But I know God has a plan in all of it:-) The pic is there, not as a shock-effect, but to illustrate my statement and testimony. Although I can understand it may be somewhat upsetting to some of you. In that case I truly apologize. I learned to deal with it and even laugh about it and I pray you will laugh with me. Looking at my hands... I can easily reach around a corner without too much, or any effort at all, haha. Well, it may come in handy, you never know:-)

I am constantly amazed how gracious God is to me. I can still type, write, do crafts and most other things any of us used to do. As for the few things I can't do, God provided! I could always draw a little, but for some reason, that ability has been growing immensely. I do not know what He has in mind for it, but I have Faith He will show, in His time:-) I draw biblical images, that I see in my mind, while reading a verse. I do portraits from pictures (much easier than constantly urging the model to sit still, haha) and love to draw flowers. Just give me a pencil, paper and an eraser. Oh...and some time, haha.

The above questions? Those I can answer only for/pertaining to myself.
Why me?-- I figure God knew I was strong enough and had all the abilities to carry that burden.
What is the reason?-- I am still not quite sure, maybe to share, support and encourage? He will show.
What is the purpose?-- To be a testimony of His grace and mercy.
What do I do now?-- Accept it, make the best of it, count my blessing, have faith and courage!

Have you found your answers?

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