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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Why is it so important?

One day I had to get some groceries. My knees were hurting but I was not going to let it prevent me. So I put my daughter in the stroller (at that time she fitted, being almost 21 now: not a good idea to even try haha) and headed out. The store was not that far and because of the pain I walked slow, using the stroller as support and stability. We saw so much on the way there and back, we wouldn't have seen if we had just rushed by. Bugs, flowers growing in the grass, even some snails that crossed the sidewalk. And we stopped and I let her check it all out, enjoying the look of enthousiasme on her face. We were walking back when a neighbour passed us on her bike. She greeted us and added the next comment: "You must have all the time in the world! I wish I had". I wanted to say: "no, you wouldn't wish that if you had my pain", but it stuck to the thought, for she was already way ahead of us, hurrying home. The assumption she made was that I didn't have anything better/else to do. And I know that's what it looked like, but had she asked or given me the opportunity to respond, she wouldn't have hurt me with that comment. For it did hurt. I even felt a tad of guilt, but I resolved that quickly. And everything has a reason. I am grateful I couldn't go any faster for we saw some of God's creations and my daughter had the time of her life exploring:-)

Sometimes, what seems like a justification to one, turns out to be a very good reason for another. When people just assume without asking, a false belief is formed and they act upon it. That can cause great injustice and hurt for the "victim". I am almost 100% positive we have all done it! Something said or done by someone is automatically assumed to be as how I perceive it. I don't ask. Why should I? I already know! Besides, I don't want to come across as being stupid by asking what it is they actually mean or are doing (Don't shake your head now at my foolish pride, I already am aware of it, haha). But am I not the greatest fool, when I find out that what I assumed is no where near the truth and that I hurt someone? It is better to ask then to assume. There is only one foolish question and that is the one that is not asked! ( quotation from hubby. Yes, I asked if I could use it, hahaha).

Nowadays, I do not care so much anymore what people think. As long as I make sure I tell them the truth, then I am no longer responsible for their thoughts, feelings or actions. They are. It matters to me what God thinks of/about me! So why do we still place so much value on their opinions of us? Why is it so important what they think? I don't see a good reason, but maybe you do. I would like to hear them:-)

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