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Friday, July 19, 2013

Scaled Down Art

Take a look at this artwork which was created by a retiree and tell me you are not impressed. I know I was.

This is quite a different take on scale model building and outside the realm of what we normally would envision when talking about this craft. Most people apply themselves to cars, airplanes, and figurines and wouldn't even think of decorating their yard with their handiwork.

On rare occasions I have come across a scaled down wishing well, a windmill, and a light house in front of some houses. They were all very tastefully done and sure gave that front yard an interesting curb appeal.

It would be something to consider, but creating three miniature villages, several mansions, and a scaled down replica of the clock tower of the Big Ben would be way over my head. It wasn't for this retired builder in Nenthead, England, though.

It is always great when you can turn your hobby into your work, but it hardly ever occurs the other way around. This retiree is an exception to the rule. He turned his work into his hobby and with success I may add.

I wouldn't be surprised if his yard is eventually turned into a miniature museum!

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