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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Swivling Experience

I can only imagine how much fun it must be for those little ones to make new discoveries every day. Take our grandson Kc. He loves to climb in his Opa's chair, when he gets the chance and sits in it like a king on his throne. Big grin, leaning back, his little hands resting on the arm leans.

The other day he found out by accident that the chair swivels. Wow, new game! He kept pushing it with one of his hands, walking round and round. All that time he is making a noise like he is flying an airplane: "Whheeeeeeeeee, eeeeeeeee, wheeeeeeeee". It is fascinating and entertaining to watch.

He stops and I expect him to be dizzy and stagger around for a while. Nope, it didn't phase him at all. He goes straight to what he wants. On to the next discovery, or fun toy.

What if he can't find one? That is most unlikely, but should it happen, we will create one. :-)

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An Entire Sentence

Our little rascal can talk, if he wants to! He may not have everything down path, which is not to be expected either, but he can mimic perfectly.

Lil' Kc was playing with his cell phone. Opening it, pushing buttons, holding it to his ear and babbling along. He hands it over to me and of course, Oma plays along. I pretended to be talking to his little buddy, whom April baby-sits at times.

Kc was watching me closely. I gave him back the phone and told him Brandon wanted to talk to him. He grabbed it and put it to his ear. I said: " It's Brandon. Say hello Brandon. How are you doing?"

Without hesitation, an 'Ow aya doin' came out of his mouth. I was baffled. That was the first understandable sentence I had heard!

His speech is improving by the day. We try to encourage him, but why should he? Why talk, when he knows full well that all he has got to do is say "Huh?" and Oma already figured out what he wants.

Yeah, I know, it is not helping. Seeing that cute little face, with those big eyes looking up at me, I can't help it. Okay, maybe I can. Maybe I just don't want to. :-)

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Learning Language

Last week, I was over at April's house and visiting with her and the boys. Each time we see lil' Kc, it seems like his vocabulary has grown. Instead of just vowels, he is throwing out more complicated words. Some are even real words, some are abbreviations, most are still totally encrypted, haha.

Opa came to pick me up and as soon as he stepped in the door, lil' Kc got the biggest smile and wanted to be held by him. Opa picked him up, instead of me (grin), but had to put him down again, because he was in urgent need of seeing the bathroom. He put Kc down, went to the bathroom with Kc following him all the way, until the door got closed on him.

Lil' Kc came running back to the living-room, stopped, made a movement with his hand as if he pushed something aside and said; "Piong!"

Both April and I looked at each other and she said:"That was a real word! I am not sure what it means."

I replied:"I think I do. It's like he is saying 'Opa is gone'."

I told lil' Kc that Opa was going to be back and he looked in the direction of the bathroom, saw Opa come back, and his little face lit up again.

I can't wait for him to talk to where we can understand him fully. I would love to know what goes on in that little head of his. I hope he has a feel for languages. I intend to teach him Dutch as well.

For now, he can teach me his language. Oma is an eager student. :-)

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Food Poisoning

It was Sunday morning 3:30 AM, when the phone rang. Uh, oh, at that time, that can only mean something bad happened. And it had. Both April and Ray got food poisoning and April asked us to watch the kids, while they were going to the ER. Of course we will, no problem.

April was in a better shape then Ray and she didn't need for us to drive them over. She dropped the kids off about half an hour later. Leo was wide awake and as happy as ever, holding his bottle, smiling while he was drinking. Lil' Casey was in his usual fun making mood, although you could notice he knew something was up, since he got woke up so early. That didn't stop him though.

Amber took care of Leo and both disappeared in her bedroom, where they went back to sleep. Lil' Casey had his play cell phone with him and was just happy to sit on the couch, in between us. Talking and laughing. He managed to stay up till about 6, when I took him to the bedroom to put him to sleep.

April and Ray called, they were being taken care off, but it could take a while. Eventually, they got home around 10.30 AM, both feeling a bit better, but exhausted. The medication that was prescribed, took them out for almost the rest of the day.

It was around 5 PM when April came over. She was doing alright and Ray was feeling better, but still not up to snuff. Hopefully he will this morning, since he starts a new job. April and the boys left after 7 and I can tell you one thing, she left three tired people behind, haha. But it was worth it.

A good thing we always are up early. A better thing, we are able to take up the slack when it's needed. Combine that with spending an entire day with the grandchildren, and we have a lot to be thankful for! :-)

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Praising Fun

Lil' Kc has been testing his boundaries for a while now. He grabs things he knows he is not supposed to touch. When he has it, he usually walks up to either his mom or me, holding out his little hand, as if he was to say: "Look, I got it, but I am giving it back!"

He does listen though, when we warn him not to touch. We believe in praise as well, so we tell him he did a good job and in the beginning, we would applaud him. He loved it and had a grin from ear to ear. Nowadays, when we praise him on a job well done, he claps his own hands!

It's a joy to see him do so. What's even cuter is, his Mom and Dad taught him to give High Five, after an accomplishment. Just hold up your hand and say "High Five" and he comes running up to you and slaps his little hand on yours.

Yeah, that tickles Oma to no end. Okay, okay, I admit it. I just love my little buddy. :-D

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wrong Number Or....

It is such fun to teach the little ones something, or see them adopt a habit. Take our 15 month old grandson Kc for instance. This smart little critter is extremely observant.

His Mom is on the phone a lot, be it with family, friends, or mainly for her business. Kc got an old, broken cell phone from his parents, to play with. He picks it up, presses some buttons and starts walking around, phone to his ear, babbling his little head off. Once done, he says: "bye" and presses another button.

The other day he came up to me while talking on his phone and handed it over to me, watching at and listening closely to me, talking in the wind. As soon as I mention that Kc is present as well, he grabs it and continues to converse in his own little language.

Sometimes, when he gets the chance, he willfully confuses his play phone with the real phone and randomly presses the buttons. The first time, we had no clue. The second time, we recognized his gibberish.

Yup, he managed to speed dial us twice already. :-)

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Ditching Diapers

I was visiting with our daughter the other day and besides taking care of her own little ones, she was baby-sitting her neighbor's 2-year old son as well. He and our oldest grandson get along well and like playing with each other.

Right after our grandson had a diaper change, he and his buddy disappeared in his room, each returning on a little car toy, driving behind each other through the living-room. My grandson drove up next to my seat, stopped and sat there for a while, babbling along.

It was quite warm and he had been wearing nothing but his diaper and a shirt, leaving those little chunky leggies exposed, which were covered by his shirt for the most part. After sitting there and keeping my attention for a little while, he got off his little car and leaned over to pick up another toy from the floor, his back turned towards me.

More then his chunkies were exposed. Two little bare butt-cheeks stared me right in the face. He had ditched his diaper, while being in his room, and had been driving around without all that time.

I couldn't help but laugh and be grateful there was no 'mess' to clean up!

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Never A Dull Moment

A little update on the escapades of our dog Mia.

After several more times picking her up a few houses down, we finally seemed to have blocked the holes she made her escapes through. At least we think so, because she stayed in the yard for almost two days in a row.

I think she decided it was not worth digging another hole, it was going to be plugged up anyway, to where she couldn't get through it anymore.

Well, she couldn't get through them and wander off, but that didn't prevent her somewhat smaller friend from wandering in. Upon feeding her yesterday afternoon, we discovered she had company.

When he saw us, he tried to get away, by taking the same route out which he came in. Apparently that didn't work and he finally ran out after we opened the gate, just to be back in quicker, then us getting in the house.

His owner had to come and get him for a change. Not that it mattered either. As soon as his boss had turned her back on him.... yup! Looks like he took up residence here. At least for the time being.

Life is full of surprises. So is our back yard lately.

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Cherry Flavored Fun

The other day our daughter and our little critters came buy to spend the evening. As soon as she opened the front door, our oldest grand son stepped in, ran up to me with one of his little arms stretched out.

He was so eager to show me what he got. I picked him up, just as my daughter, who stepped in carrying our youngest grand baby said: "Don't touch him, he is sticky all over!"

Yup, I discovered that, since I had picked him up already. He had been sucking on a candy pacifier. His little face, hands and clothes, were covered with a thin layer of the sticky, sugary substance and he had already rubbed it off on me as well.

"Ohhh, he got it on your clothes now too!", daughter said.
I couldn't help but smile and told her I didn't mind. That's what the washer was for. Enjoying and sharing his enthusiasm, was much more important, then the stains on my clothes.

And he was more then willing to share. He tried to pop it in my mouth several times. I took his hand and pretended to taste it, while he had the biggest smile on his little face, as if he wanted to say: "Isn't that good?!"

Yes, it was good. I got a taste of it, when I wiped the stickiness of my face. It was cherry flavor by the way. :-)

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Experiences and Recommendations

We always forget to bring our camera, when we go exploring. As a result, we have missed out on some great shots. I am aware that our camera is not the best compact digital camera around, but it suits our needs for the moment.

I don't think it will suffice in the future. We plan on traveling and sightseeing and will visit locations we are likely never to see again. That calls for the best traveler digital camera around. Those moments we would want to capture and share with our family and friends.

As soon as that time comes, we will be shopping around for the best digital camera, after having read other people's experiences and recommendations. The best advice always comes from those, who have been there and done that. :-)

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

All In Good Fun

I came across this joke and burst out laughing. I couldn't resist and had to share this with you:

Q: Who invented copper wire?
A: Two tax attorneys fighting over a penny.

It is already bad enough to get into one of those precarious situations. Any help available is welcome and sometimes an expert is needed.

Even though we make fun of them, I suspect a lot of people would have been sunk, without the help of an attorney.

BTW, I am grateful for the invention of the copper wire. grin.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dressing and Games

Getting our 15 month old grand son dressed is both a chore as well as a joy. I already learned pretty quick in order to keep him laying on his back, so I could change his diaper, or get his clothes on, I have to keep him busy. Usually, I give him something to hold, or play with. What happens if I don't? He turns over quicker then a bullet and takes off!

He sure knows how to make everything fun though. Whatever he has got his little hands on, he shakes it for a few and then let's go, sending it flying through the room. That in itself he thinks is already funny, but he sure bursts out laughing when he sees my pretended surprised 'What was that?'-face. This little game goes on until we are done.

He is getting more and more cooperative with getting him dressed, but he sure knows how to keep me busy as well. I don't mind at all. In fact, I love it.

I do have to keep in mind though, to give him something soft to play with. We like to keep our windows in one piece! :-)

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Splashing Fun

Time to get our oldest grand son ready for church. A bath is in order, but first I have to clean up a big mess. The little stinker managed to produce a huge present for me.

I get him out of his pyjamas, get rid of his present and the sticky residue left behind (don't you just love the picture I just painted you? Grin). And off to the bathroom we go.

He is standing next to me, waiting impatiently to get in the tub, while I mix the water to a comfortable temperature. It is ready and I am about to pick him up and lift him in the bath tub.

I turn towards him, just in time to catch him looking down at the floor. He looks up at me, with this angelic, innocent expression on his little face. What's that all about? Looking down, I notice the puddle at his feet. Uh oh, maybe it's time for potty-training? I clean it up, while he is splashing around, having a ball.

It seemed like he was big on making messes, that particular morning. Thinking back on when the girls were little though, there really is nothing new under the sun. I suppose the only difference is, being a grand mother and not having to do it 24/7, leaves more room for enjoying it and seeing the comical side of it.

Yeah, I enjoy it to the fullest. :-)

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

He Did It

Our 5 month old grand son is just as cute as his big brother. He is always smiling and his smile is so big, I sometimes am afraid it is going to crack his little face open.

He loves to stand up and the way he watches his big bro, indicates how much he would like to get up and play with him. It will happen soon enough, he has to get all the other parts down first, like sitting up, crawling, etc. But, he is well on his way.

Last Saturday, he was laying on the floor on a blanket, looking around, enjoying all the attention. He had been trying to roll over. He has been coming close, but hadn't succeeded yet. He keeps on trying though.

Both his Mom and me watched as he rolled to his side. We could see him push himself a bit further, to a point where he was balancing between rolling over on his tummy, or rolling back.

"That's how far he gets, all the time", his Mom said. "Although, it seems like he might make it this time?".

Just as she had said it, he rolled over to his tummy, for the first time! We both were so excited and proud of him. Not to mention the little critter himself.

Leaning on his arms, he looked around with a huge, victorious smile on his face, as if he was to say: "Look, I did it.

Yes my little man, you did it!!! :-D

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Making Fun

Both daughter and grand sons stayed the night from Saturday till Sunday. Her husband had to work and she is not really very comfortable, all by herself. We told her she could spend the night if she wanted to, which she did.

Both boys are such a joy and almost always in a good mood. The youngest one loves to converse and keeps smiling from ear to ear. He can be so totally fascinated with observing your face, or watching TV.

Our oldest grand son, even though only 15 months old, makes fun. And I mean he really makes his own fun! He finds fun in everything, anything, or nothing, for that matter. He can walk around by himself, stop, point at something, utter some gibberish and laugh out loud.

He also loves to make people laugh. Out of the blue he lets out a "Hehe", waits to see if someone is laughing and if not, he repeats it. A little more longer this time: "Hehehehehe".

He always gets someone to laugh. Mostly me. No wonder, Oma is his biggest fan! :-)

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Joys and Messes

Sunday morning. Son-in-law got back from work and picked up our daughter and the little one to go home and get ready for church.

We had agreed to keep our oldest grand son and get him ready for church. That would take a little pressure off of them and they wouldn't have to rush that much.

To get him ready meant to give him a bath and get him all dressed up. I made sure he had breakfast already before cleaning him up, so he would not get his clothes dirty. That turned out to be a smart idea.

He loves to eat and he likes all the different flavors oatmeal. I fixed him a bowl of oatmeal, let it cool, and set him at the dinner-table.

More then half the bowl was gone in a jiffy. All that time he is making fun. Pointing, wanting to know what things are called, laughing and grinning at me. I can tell when he is getting full. No, he does not keep his mouth closed and refuses another bite. He opens his mouth, sticks out his tongue with oatmeal and all and will either let it dribble out, or pick it of his tongue.

At that point, two things can happen. The first one is, he hands it back to me. That is very convenient when it's a sandwich, meat, or veggies. The second one is, he starts picking it apart. Believe me, you don't want that to happen. It is messy business. Especially with oatmeal!

Well, it happened, haha. With a little diversion and play, he managed to finish the oatmeal without too much of a mess though. I can't wait till he is eating by himself. It is such a joy to watch him grow up.

The sticky messes? I really don't mind cleaning them up. :-)

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Critter's Cooings VII

Hey there!
Long overdue, I know, but I have been so busy with growing and exploring and discovering, I didn't get around to it. Oma finally sat me down and told me to put my little fingers where my mouth is ( yeah, I talk my little head off, hehe).

So here is me, little Leo. Nice to meet y'all, finally. grin.

Today, I am exactly 5 months old. I am always in a good mood, laugh and smile and love to talk. As far as you can call it talking, haha. I put my entire little body in squeaking out coos. Apparently that's funny, cause they all laugh when I do. I almost am rolling myself over, but I haven't mastered that too well, yet.

Oma thinks I am a smart little critter as well. I can sit there and observe her face so seriously, like I have never seen anything so weird before. Well Oma... I haven't, hahaha.

She tries to teach me to stick out my tongue and blow raspberries.

As you can see, I have the sticking-out-my-tongue part down. :-D

I love watching my big brother and wish I could get up and run with him. I am trying to stand, which goes well as long as someone holds me up. :-) My little leggies are getting stronger each day and have filled out well. Oma has got 4 chunkies to pinch now, and she takes every opportunity she gets, to do so.

I have to tell you, my big bro is so sweet to me. He brings me blankets when he thinks I am cold. When I cry, which is only when I am hungry and want my bottle ( and when I want it, I want it NOW, hehe), Casey brings me the bottle or my pacifier. He caresses my little head and tries to give me toys as well. Ain't he sweet?!

He got to play with some balloons at my Mom's birthday and found out, they would pop when he bit them. Scared him more then it did me, hehe. Although, he ain't afraid of anything!

He just picked up the pieces, gave 'em to Oma and got another balloon to play with.

Speaking about my Mom, she is trying to get a bit of extra income. She is an Avon-representative now. If you would, go visit her at and if you think it's only for women, you are so wrong! They have men's stuff as well and even purses and clothes and I don't know what else. She would be pleased to see y'all. :-)

Sorry, I just had to sneak that in, hehe.

Wow, it took me a while to get all this on paper. My little hands are not entirely coordinated yet. I can hold my bottle though and even stick my pacifier in my mouth. Guess what, it doesn't work that well trying to stick it in backwards. But I am getting better with steering my hands. Practice makes perfect, huh?! :-D

It was fun talking to y'all and I promise, I won't wait another five months to come back here. In the mean time, I hope God blesses y'all abundantly! :-)

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Monday, July 14, 2008


"I can't believe I ate the whole thing!"

Well, you did it! How often have we found ourselves totally flabbergasted when something turned out completely different than what we had intended? Even when we are told, we still have the tendency to reject it. We like to have evidence, something we can see or touch, like Thomas.

Words, written or spoken, demand our consideration. They are essential in life, for life and to have life. And at times we simply have to trust and have faith that what we hear without seeing is true.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Little Rascal

Our 15-month old grand son stayed with us last night. I just put him to bed and it is always difficult for me not to keep him up and play with him.

When I put him down I lay beside him, until he falls asleep. He looks around at first and then at me. I pretend to be sleeping, otherwise he wants to get up.

He grabs my hand and starts clapping mine with his, puts my hand down, picks it up again and claps on it. Since he gets no reaction, he lifts his little arms above his head and starts clapping himself.

Okay, that doesn't work either. All that time I am watching him through my eye-lashes and have a hard time not to smile. Then he starts laughing out loud. Hehe.... waiting, hehehehe. No reaction. He gives up. His eye-lids are slowly closing and even the heavy thunderstorm can not keep him awake any longer.

I slowly slipped out of bed and got back to the living-room. By that time he was already exploring dreamland.

Little does he know, how Oma had to bite her tongue not to laugh out loud with all his cute little attention drawers. One day I will tell him. :-)

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Meadow Freshness

We have a bad habit, we smoke. The smell finds it way throughout the house quickly. We have tried several air fresheners. They help, but only for just a few minutes and it's gone. The fresh smell does not linger, no matter which one we tried.

Then I got the Renuzit TriScents Starter Kit this morning! It has three different scents and alternates between them every 45 minutes. That is smart, because after a while you don't even notice the fragrance anymore. By switching to another scent, you do.

I got the Morning Meadow series. Three smells that make you think you are outside on an early spring morning. There is also the Seaside Breezes, which we may want to try next.

I removed the caps, put it in the holder and plugged it in. I was baffled. Within just a minute, half of our living-room already smelled so good! I just couldn't believe it. It lingered as well and took away the smoke-smell. I set it on maximum at first, but that was totally unnecessary.

If you want to try it yourself, visit and print a coupon for the Renuzit TriScents Starter Kit.

I definitely recommend it. Our home has never smelled so good!

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I got a riddle for you, let's see if you can solve it.

You are in a room without doors and windows. All you have is a mirror. How will you get out?

Come on, think now. You can do it!

Okay, okay.
Look in the mirror and see what you saw
Take the saw and saw the mirror in half.
Two halves make a whole which you can use to get out!

That wasn't too hard was it? Well, I would never have figured that out myself.
If you got a good riddle, please share. I could use a brain-strainer every now and then. :-)

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Jan Kruis' Economical Impact

While making illustrations for Shell, he made cartoon postcards, which were used internationally. He also created a calendar and did many naturalistic paintings with mechanics like, tractors, trucks etc. as subject.

Many books have been published yearly of Jack, Jacky & the Juniors and are sold by the millions. Several of the books were translated in German, English and Swedish.

Due to this big success, many products were sold inspired by Jack, Jacky & the Juniors. Calendars, cards, clothes, kitchen-ware, bath products, post stamps etc. are available.

Artwork © 2008 Jan Kruis

Jan Kruis was also closely involved in the foundation of the Comics Museum in Groningen.

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Friday, July 11, 2008

One Of Those Days

I don't know about you, but I have days that just seem to fly by and 24 hours don't seem to be enough. Today is one of them.

Even though I got up a little after 3 AM, yes you are reading that right, I have no clue what happened to the entire morning. I have been busy ever since, and somehow things still seem to be backing up on me. I can easily let it overwhelm me, but I am not going to.

I got in a routine of making a list of things to do. That can be a mental list, or written down. I take it one step, thing in this case, at the time and scratch it off. I also add to it whenever something else comes up that needs to be done. It helps, and that way nothing gets overlooked.

I better start working on my list for today. Lunch first! :-)

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Jan Kruis' Work

In 1957, Jan Kruis was contacted by Jan de Bruine. He was a friend from the Academy and worked for the advertising bureau Maanen in The Hague. Jan was asked to do some work for Maanen and ended up working for them for about 7 years, mainly doing advertisements and illustrations for Shell and Niemeijer.

Between 1959 and 1965 he did several projects. He developed a new comic called Tommie, for Shell's youth magazine Olidin. In that same time period he also got introduced to Maarten Toonder by Waling Dijkstra, who worked for Toonder. Jan drew several illustrations for Toonder, but they never got published.

He made some more comics for Olidin and the Shell Junior Club and his characters were also used for advertisers like Niemeijer, Mars, Treets, Bounty and Milky Way. Those advertisements appeared on the back of Donald Duck.

Jan's career took off and he did a lot of work for magazines, record companies and books. Around 1966 he met Georges Remi, aka Hergé and did about 24 comics for him, which were known under the name Gregor.

After that, Jan tried to get work and became advisor and illustrator for the well known dutch youth magazine Sjors and Sjimmie. After working for this magazine for one and a half years, he allowed himself to be bought out.

Jan Kruis was asked to do a comic strip for women's magazine Libelle and on December 12th, 1970, Jack, Jacky & the Juniors was published for the first time. His inspiration for this comics Jan got out of his immediate environment and life.

The comics became his life-work and were a great success. It was sold to Sanoma publishers upon Jan's retirement, with the restriction that Jan could still draw the comics for charity purposes, which he did.

The comics continued in Libelle magazine by Studio Kruis, illustrators especially educated in drawing Jack, Jacky & the Juniors.

Artwork © 2008 Jan Kruis

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Caught In The Act

In spite of our best efforts, and against our assumptions that we found Mia's way out, she managed to do it again. She got out, but this time we caught her red handed. Or in this case, red pawed!

A small little hole under the fence, on the entirely opposite side of where we expected it to be. She pretended to just be rolling in the grass, then stretched herself out and slid underneath the fence. Only this time, husband saw her do it.

Well, we have a hole to plug or a dog to chain up! We will try the first and hope for the best.

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About Jan Kruis

Johannes Andries (Jan) Kruis was born on June 8 1933, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He was the second son of Gerrit Kruis. Jan had a 6 year older brother Ger and a 4 year younger sister Anneke.

Jan already started drawing as early as Kindergarten and mostly drew animals, horses and elephants.

He went to elementary school the Ds. van Haselenschool in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and was in first grade when WWII started.

As a young boy he visited Wim Meuldijk, an artist who lived in Rotterdam as well, and got drawing lessons from him. Since there was a lack of paper during the war, Jan drew on any piece of paper he could lay his hands on.

In 1945 Jan went to the MULO in Rotterdam and got his diploma mainly due to his drawing skills and sold his first comic strip to a publisher in Dordrecht, The Netherlands.

In fall of 1946, Jan started drawing courses for amateurs at the Academy and learned all kinds of new drawing techniques. He got his main influence from Maarten Toonder and followed his example. He decided to attend the Academy and chose the advertisement direction. He got his diploma in summer of 1954, right before his 21st Birthday.

After serving in the military for an very short time, which he left due to negative results for a second physical, he got a job with the advertising agency Nijgh en van Ditmar. He quit this job in 1955 and went to Austria to do a mural for a family there. Upon his return to The Netherlands, he becomes a free-lancer.

Jan meets Els van Zanden and on December 10th, 1957, they got married in Rotterdam, where they got a small living space. Their first daughter Leontine was born on October 28th, 1959 and the family moved to a larger apartment in Rotterdam, where their second daughter Andrea was born on October 22nd, 1962.
Artwork © 2008 Jan Kruis

In 1976 they move to Drenthe, The Netherlands and in 1998 Jan decides it is time to retire.

Even though he is taking it easy, Jan Kruis is still very active with illustrating, writing and making portraits.

See also:
Jan Kruis' Work
Jan Kruis' Economical Impact

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Following Houdini's Footsteps

Where it concerns our four-legged Houdini, we may have stopped her in her tracks. I am talking about our dog here, in case you hadn't figured that out yet.

She got out yesterday, as soon as we turned out backs on her. One time, our daughter found her, sitting on the porch at the front door. It was raining and apparently that was the only covered spot she could find at that time. The other time, she was roaming around, three houses down. The rest of the time she just parked herself under our van again.

I had already pulled her dog-house away from the fence, thinking she might use it to jump up on and over the fence. Nope, she got out anyway.

That left the small hole dug under the fence. Nahh, that couldn't be it, or could it? It looked way to small for her to get through, but you never know. Husband plugged it up with a temporary solution for now, to see if that was her way of escape.

So far, she hasn't gotten out anymore. Which reminds me, I better check if she is still out there!

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An Unexpected Surprise

To go and explore is one of our favorite past times. We hop in our van and go wherever the road takes us, so to speak.

We have found several beautiful little creeks, admired lots of views and came across some wonderful neighborhoods. It's true, you never know what lies around the corner.

We came across an unexpected, but very pleasant surprise, the other day. Not that far from our house, we discovered a field with Buffaloes!

As far as I can remember, the only Buffaloes I had ever seen were either on TV, or at the Zoo. It was quite a treat to see them walking around in a large field and being able to watch them up close.

They are some majestic animals and quite impressive. I can only imagine what a sight it must be to see a herd of Buffaloes in the wild. One thing is for sure.

I would not stick around for a stampede! :-)

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Great Escape

Well Mia, our dog, did it again. And again, and again. She got out twice yesterday and today she managed to repeat that action. We still don't have a clue how she does it, but we are adamant to find out.

Thankfully, she didn't get that far this time. One time yesterday and this morning, she made herself comfortable under our van. The other time yesterday, we don't know where she was, but she must have been within hearing-range. She appeared out of nowhere, after we called her several times.

It's a riddle to us, what suddenly got into her to get out of the yard. Nope, she is not in heat. I suspect she decided the time was right to expand her horizon. Not a good idea. We live on a very busy road and she would not be the first pet to get run over.

For her own health and because we love her, we have to figure out how she makes her escape and take away that opportunity.

I guess we will have to set up an ambush. If it just wasn't so hot. They call it the 'dog-days'. They sure are, in every way!

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Missing In Action

We love our little dog Mia. Well, she isn't that little, she is a well medium sized dog, but sweet as can be.

She is always in for play and comes running up as soon as we come outside. Until yesterday afternoon. We came outside, no Mia. We called her, no Mia. Her food of the night before was untouched, which is totally against her grain. She always wolves it down, no matter how often we feed her. Uh oh, something is wrong here.

The first place we looked was under our storage building. Even though she has a dog-house, she always crawls under the building and since we had a bad thunderstorm, we expected to find her there. Not! Mia was MIA (missing in action). She had disappeared from the yard.

We got in the van and drove around to see if we could find her. Upon returning home, daughter was waiting at us in the yard with... Mia. She drove the opposite direction and found her laying under a truck. We all were grateful and glad she was back safe and sound.

How she got out is beyond us. Our yard is completely fenced in. The gate was closed and there are no holes underneath, she could have crawled through. It's highly unlikely she jumped the fence since she is way too scared to even go through the gate when it's open. For her that is a magical line she does not dare to cross.

Whatever happened, we hope it won't happen again. For all we know, it already may have happened. We will know in a few months or so.

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Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th Of July

I hope y'all are having a wonderful and blessed 4th of July.

Please, be careful with all those fire-works. The fire-crackers are supposed to crack themselves up, not you. Okay, okay, they may crack you up, as long as it's in the positive meaning of the phrase.

As far as the bottle-rockets go, you don't have to drink the contents of the bottle first. A vase will do just fine. Or how about just sticking them in the ground?

Either way, just remember: Danger lurks, when shooting fire-works!

I like to see y'all back in one piece. :-)

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Thursday, July 03, 2008


I am totally hooked on flowers. I admire their different shapes, colors and smells and I really can look at them for hours. I keep seeing something new constantly.

So, here I am wanting a new desktop background and what do I go for? Yup, flowers!

It was a tough choice. My favorite flower is the white rose and I found this picture for my background.

Beautiful, isn't it? However, it was a bit too busy for my taste. My search went on and I ended up with this simple, but gorgeous photo of orchids.

It sparked my curiosity though. What have you as your desktop background and why? I would love to hear it.

I know, I know, curiosity killed the cat. A good thing I got nine lives.

Okay, make that eight now. :-)

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Jerome Bech's Economical Impact

The list of exhibitions Jerome Bech has had so far, is impressive and Jerome Bech's art is exhibited even far outside The Netherlands, like Spain and the Dutch Caribbean.

A project together with Harold van Geerestein, has resulted in a new kind of art. It appears they are one of the first, if not the first artist team, who created that kind of art.

© 2008 Jerome Bech.

I wish there was a little bit more information available about this artist, but I suspect that will be the case over the course of the years. His popularity is rising and I think we will hear a lot more from and about him.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Being Bugged

Our youngest daughter and her family are all sick. Nothing too serious, just a cold.

Both grand babies and son in law are on their way to recovery, but for our daughter it turned into a bronchitis. She is on antibiotics now and hopefully she will feel better soon.

It is hard not to be able to help out. My Humira medication works great for my RA, but lowers my immune-system substantially. For me, a simple cold means weeks of trying to overcome the nightmares of this condition and heaps of medications. Not to mention the potential of getting pneumonia.

I have to stay away until they are no longer contagious. That's not easy to do if you would like to help out. Not to mention the fact that I miss seeing them.

How is that for being bugged?!

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